The Sacred Geometries collection of wallpaper stopped me in my tracks when I first saw it. Designed by the Brooklyn-based Callidus Guild, the wallpaper is actually hand-plastered to create the geometric constellation-like patterns. Made in the US with eco-friendly materials and caught rainwater, the technique creates texture and dimension that are simply unreal.

Tessellation (first image)… Explores concepts of symmetry through tiling – the creation of a plane through repetition of geometric shapes with no overlap. Tessellations abound in nature (the growth pattern of crystals, honeycombs, lava flows).

Tessellation (closeup)

Each client works directly with the artisans in the company to customize each installation, which means various patterns can be created by the way the paper is hung. New colors are forthcoming in the months ahead but I’m in love with these neutrals.

Folded Origami … Inspired by the traditional art of folding paper- a transformative act emphasizing process and potential. The origami master sees a flat piece of paper as rich with possibility.

Folded Origami (closeup)

Pennants … Flocks of triangles – the most stable of all forms, representing the trinity of life, substance, and intellect. Randomized harmony.

Pennant (closeup)

Pattern ideas:

Tessellation pattern

Folded Origami pattern

Pennant pattern