Located in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, the São Bento residence sits on a sloping lot with neighbors close by on both sides. Working with those challenges, Anastasia Arquitetos designed this modern concrete structure that has privacy, excellent light exposure, and maximum square footage.

The slope of the lot allowed for three floors, the bottom floor houses the garage and laundry. The main floor has the kitchen, living, dining, and maid’s room. The living and dining room open to a large balcony with a pool that overlooks an amazing city view.

The most striking feature is the massive curve the upper part of the structure takes to allow the second floor bedrooms to be set on the diagonal for morning sunlight exposure.

See the pool? You can walk out of the dining room and go for a swim.

The concrete exterior wall is broken up with horizontal slats that offer a glimpse inside the property, which the architects explain is unusual on this particular street.

Photos by Gustavo Xavier of FotoAmbiente.