Brooklyn-based artist/designer TJ Volonis makes the most amazing sculptures and furniture out of copper tubing. The patterns and dimension created are complex mazes of lines and curves that join together to make the most intricate pieces. Featured above is Untitled, #19 (Helioglyph).

Cog, #17

The connected tubes remain in their copper finish making each piece about the (often) complex patterns that are formed, reminding me of those detailed labyrinth puzzles we’ve all seen. I can’t imagine the time (and patience) each piece takes!

Cog, #17 (side view)

Untitled, #13

Progression, Digression, #16

Untitled, #18

Untitled, #20

Untitled, #20 (side view)

Table, #4



Coffee Table

Dining Table, #15 [Sangrey y Tanqueray]

10:01 Chair


I’m Sorry (Förlåt)

I’m Sorry (Förlåt)

I’m Sorry (Förlåt)