The Seamen’s Church Institute’s (SCI) renovated International Seafarers’ Center is located in the largest port complex on the East Coast — Port Newark (New Jersey). Renovated by Clawson Architects, it is the base of operations for SCI in its mission to the maritime community. The 18,000-square-foot Center, which situates vital resources for the maritime community, is a beautiful modern building.

Realized by John O’Hara Company, Inc., this glass, wood and brick building is a contemporary juxtaposition to the rugged machinery in the surrounding area. The Center includes accommodation for seafarers on the second floor and on the main floor are reception desk, chapel, chaplains, TV lounge, pool table and cyber cafe.

Inside the lobby is a beautiful wave-inspired glass wall.

TV area and chapel. Note the curved ceiling. The design and furnishings stay true to the 1960s era in which the structure was originally built.

The cyber cafe area.

A view thru the porthole in the wood door in to the Knitting Room. Knitting for the Seafarer’s is a tradition that is known as “Christmas at Sea” where each boat that comes into the Port receives a hand knitted gift for each member of the crew from the Seamen’s Church Institute. The items are knitted by volunteers. The new center has a Knitting Room on the third floor. The cabinets were designed by Clawson Architects.

Photos by Robert Glasgow.