Roomy, spacious, capacious, and commodious. There are only so many synonyms for the word “openness,” but they all appropriately illustrate the elegantly minimal Atrium House by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos. While most minimalist structures seem to carry a stigma of pretentious provocation, this residence is modestly immersed into the beauty of its surroundings.

Each room within Atrium House has a clear story to tell, but the elegance of this abode lies in its composition as a whole. Its cleaner than clean lines, simplistic geometry, and diaphanous ambiance should be more than enough evidence to prove that a house can be both minimalistic and cozy at the same time. The L-shaped space encloses the South and West margin, which, as the name implies, engenders an atrium of sorts. The residence illuminates a refulgent aura created by the transparent strips of floor-to-ceiling glass that outline its inward perimeter. Although rather angular, the house maintains a seamless flow from one room to the next. There are no obstacles, winding staircases, or protrusions — just wide open space, both inside and out.

The Atrium House strikes an appropriate balance between openness and privacy. Although the bank of windows paint a shifting canvas of the Valencia view, several of the rooms sit behind the scenes in peaceful seclusion. In the midst of this minimalist construction lies the kitchen, which forms the backbone of any home’s social and physical environment.

Not everyone prefers the blank, clinical white interiors of homes such as this, but once you try to imagine what your life could be like without all of that stuff, it becomes easier to appreciate simplicity.

Photos by Fernando Alda.