Beige is a women’s clothing brand based in Japan, launched by Onward Kashiyama. The minimalist store interior was recently completed by Nendo, and represents the clothing’s focus on simple and functional designs. Nendo ensured the philosophy of the shop would coincide with the brand’s concept.

O-beam steel, which is used in architectural and interior frames, is subtly disguised by curtains. The frame also acts as a modular system used for hanging light fixtures, hanger rods, torsos, and shelves. They are easily reconfigured and re-positioned when desired. Ordinary materials and layout were used to make a highly functional space.

I love how each item is displayed almost as if it were a work of art. The black and white undertone really draws out the materials and content of the space. By removing all of the excess nonsense from the design, a customer will walk into the showroom without being distracted by any unrelated diversions.