Bulb Fiction is a minimalist lighting fixture created by Scandinavian-based designer KiBiSi. The firm is now considered one of the most reputable design companies in Scandinavia. They have worked with various manufacturers – large and small – including Muuto and Hay. Their most recent creation, Bulb Fiction, is a pendant lamp inspired by the original incandescent light bulb.

Although the shape of the bulb is similar to that of its original inspiration, this upgraded version sports a holistic design that unites the socket with the bulb and the wire, all into one unit. The wire is made with a thicker white silicone cover that can be tied into various knot designs, or hung uninterrupted. The glass shade is hand-blown treated opal, which attaches itself to the aluminum suspension.

I’ve seen a few boutique restaurants and shops hang actual incandescent light bulbs as an aesthetic statement; within a darker environment, the look is magnificent. By taking this trend and upgrading it into this minimalist hanging lamp is genius. Although slightly upgraded, the design is still modest and unpretentious. As opposed to having a decadent chandelier, a few of these hanging from the ceiling would be more than enough to satisfy my design needs.