Cuppo is a minimal wall storage design created by Osaka-based company Ideaco. Fortunately, I had the pleasure of recently meeting the founder of the company, Ichiro Haba. He founded the company on the basis of providing smart, innovative designs that are both simple and functional. Most of the products designed by Ideaco are common household items that have been re-invented with improved aesthetic and utility.

Cuppo is a prime example of Ideaco’s philosophy toward minimalist, functional design. With the tagline “pocket on the wall,” Cuppo is essentially  a small container that can be attached to almost any surface. Coming in a multitude of colors, Cuppo could either hide inconspicuously mute along a white wall, or purposefully prominent in order to remind the user not to forget important items when leaving the home.

Cuppo recently won Hanover’s iF Design Award of 2013 – one of the most prestigious awards celebrating outstanding product design. Among Ideaco’s amazing products, Cuppo was definitely first to catch my attention due to it curious form and bright colors. I immediately loved the design’s playful nature and multi-functional quality. The design comes in white, black, tan, blue, yellow, and green.