Manufactured in Switzerland, the D7 workstation is an office system designed by Denz. Focused around organization, this desk is much more functional than meets the eye. The table tops are available in synthetic resin, melamine, veneer, solid wood, and glass. Denz also offers custom finishes as well.

That’s not all — there are a number of accessories that go along with this minimalist table, too. With the adapter add-on, one could use a number of fixed elements to improve organization and efficiency. Some of these accessories include movable filing on a track system, hidden electrical outlets, and wire storage.

Honestly, this is exactly what I need right now for my office space. Even though I have better-than-average organizational skills, my office looks as though it is constructed mainly of wires and electrical outlets. I obviously love the simplicity of the design, but I am definitely more impressed with the D7’s functionality.