Every so often I come across a stunning work that completely hits me by surprise. This time around, the work is by an architecture firm called Reinhardt Jung, based in Frankfurt, Germany. FNS Apartments is a renovated residential space that focuses on architecture based on function.

Take a quick look at the interior and you will immediately notice a few unique characteristics, such as moving walls, and built-in storage. While the stark white interior may be excessive to some, it accentuates the openness and clean, geometric lines formed from the cabinets and drawers.

I personally appreciate the concepts upon which this residence was formed. Influenced by “The Little Prince,” there is a depiction of an outline of a snake, and a second picture of what is enclosed within it; in relation to the architecture, it symbolizes the form’s dependency on the content of the interior — instead of form over function, it becomes form surrounding function.

Photography by Lumen Photography.