Foundation Laptop Storage Unit is a minimalist design created by Vancouver-based designer Greg Papove. The focus of the design is to contrast the increasing portability of electronic items, and to serve as a dedicated and solidified place to keep your electronics at home. The concrete material is used in order to symbolize its precedence within the work area – somewhat like a built-in foundation within the house itself.

The design is made entirely of concrete, which serves not only as an aesthetic purpose, but a functional one as well: it keeps the laptop from over-heating. The block is designed for the 13″ Macbook, and has storage underneath for additional peripherals such as hard drives, music players, and phones. The production process of the block is established through cement being directly poured into a wooden mold.

The possibility of have a miniature Brutalist structure in your home that doubles as a laptop stand is a little too good to be true. I love the contrast of having a refined, machine-built device juxtaposing an imperfect, hand-made block of concrete. Each of the crevices, angles, and holes can be utilized to hold your various beloved devices.