The recently completed house is a beautifully minimal home in Lisbon, Portugal. Designed by Jorge Mealha, this abode is built on a sloping site facing the sea with an emphasis on geometry and proportion. Light was strategically utilized to produce the effect of a constantly changing interior space. Even at night, the illumination from the moon spreads throughout its walls to create a mesmerizing play on shadows and light.

A good deal of the exterior is covered with metal screens and shades that obscure sunlight and act almost as a diaphragm to filter the indoor and outdoor views. As for the interior, the wall have a plaster finish painted in white, and the floors are made of either industrial wood parquet with a colorless varnish finish or covered with polished white stone.

The staircase serves as a bridge connecting the two main bodies of the house. The airy corridor features built in metal plates slightly detached from the wall, which create space where light can enter.

The exterior is ostensibly simplistic, but the hallways and rooms are littered with mysterious shadows and enigmatic gleams of natural light. The material choices — from the glass to the white walls — all amalgamate beautifully into this awesome house.