Located in Komazawa, Tokyo, K-House is one of Hugo Kohno Architect Associates latest works. Acting like a thermos, the construction of the home takes into account insulated heating and cooling. Large windows are placed co-linear to the edge of the building to let in ample sunlight.

The glass on the windows are heat-reflective, and use a high-performance thermal barrier. The two-storey building also has a staircase leading to the rooftop’s private terrace. The windows are strategically placed to allow enough sunlight to brighten the interior, but maintain sufficient privacy as well.

I love how the sophisticated simplicity of the exterior is only a preface to the elegant and dynamic aesthetic of the interior. I love the use of darker materials within the inside space – the walnut wood and concrete juxtapose well together. I also can’t get enough of how the window wraps around the front of the house onto the ceiling.