Italy-based architecture firm JM Architecture has recently released this beautifully constructed villa named Lake Lugano House. This round-edged glass pavilion consists of two volumes, which are situated on different levels due to the topography of the site. While the living room, dining room, kitchen, and storage areas are positioned within the top level, the bedrooms, bathrooms, and garage are located on the lower level.

The glass allows the inhabitants to view the magnificent surroundings that enclose the building. While one overlooks a mountain range, another view is surrounded by a garden overlooking the lake. The entire building is constructed of highly eco-friendly materials as well as the use of geothermal energy, roof gardens, and low-emittance glass insulation.

The works produced by JM Architecture are absolutely stunning – perhaps you recall the Como Loft? If I had a choice in describing my design orientation, I would choose any of the finished projects designed by JMA to convey my minimalist style. In my personal opinion, everything from the lighting to the choice of wood within this home is immaculate.

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