Sosushi is the first sushi franchising network in Italy believe it or not. While Sosushi prides itself on their extrovert menu, they also take great pride in the design of each restaurant. This is very evident in the Turin, Italy restaurant designed by POINT. Located deep in the city center of this historical urban city, POINT was challenged to create a modern and trendy space within this small old stationery store. The result is beautiful.

The shop is finished with the amazing Plexwood with matte white and magenta furniture to give an illusion of a spacious interior. The biggest challenge of the project was to optimize the space “in the deep research of order and refinement that distinguish all our architectures, not avoiding pragmatism.”

POINT was able to maximize this small space by working around the perimeter. They created benches and shelves that extended deep into the corners, which in turn, eliminated many awkward nooks and crannies and made the restaurant feel very open.

“The shop is increasing his business day by day and almost everybody who comes here is stunned by the design” — Giorgio Pettenuzzo, owner of the shop.

What an efficient use of this small space.

Architects: POINT
Location: Turin, Italy
Designers, Architects and Artists: Marco Verrando, Francesca Rossotti
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: Enrico Muraro