Spiders On Drugs, or SOD, is a new project by French designer Guillaume Lehoux. Based on the results of a NASA experiment (you can read all about in a PDF file for download here), these bowls were designed to replicate the web patterns woven by spiders who were under the influence of certain psychoactive substances in the experiment.

In the original experiment, the researchers inoculated the test substances (marijuana, caffeine, benzedrine and chloral hydrate) to spiders and then let them weave their webs.

In nature, spiders use webs to trap their prey, but in this instance these bowls are used to trap objects such as fruit or keys.

Normal renderings

Normal prototype

Marijuana renderings

Marijuana prototype

Benzedrine renderings

Benzedrine prototype

Caffeine renderings

Caffeine prototype

Chloral hydrate renderings

Chloral hydrate prototype