Forget about the aesthetics of this chair for a moment (I know you will either love it or hate it) and let’s talk about material.


Roy Kesrouani designed this chair, which he calls the Spooning Armchair, out of 6-mm fluted polypropylene fitted with aluminum screw posts. They are modular, lightweight, weather resistant, waterproof making them ideal for indoor/outdoor use and they are 100% recyclable. They can also be finished with felt, leather or wood panelings.


I love geometric furniture, but what I like the best about this design is its material. Fluted polypropylene is an extruded sheet made of two skins separated by vertical ribs. These ribs create a series of flutes that run the length of the sheet. The square box shape of the flutes makes the sheets rigid and strong. The skins and ribs are very thin making the sheets very lightweight, especially compared to solid sheets. Fluted polypropylene is available in a variety of colors, thicknesses and sizes to fit most applications. For the most part, it’s weather and chemical resistant and is often used for reusable packaging and displays. I like the idea of using this material in new furniture and decor-related applications.

Just slap some outdoor cushions on these babies and put your feet up.



What do you think about this material? What do you think about the design?