This “experimental” project has been specially created for “Les Petits Riens / Spullenhulp”, a nonprofit organization. They collect discarded objects such as furniture and clothing to distribute to those in need or sell and donate money to various organizations.

This is the 7th time they’ve decided to organize “Second Hand, Second Life.” Seventeen designers and 13 stylists will give a “second life” to furniture and clothing. These one-off unique creations will be auctioned off to collectors this Friday (10/16) in the “Tour & Taxis” hall in Brussels.

The “Experimenta One & Two” armchairs by Alain Gilles are created from original 1960s rattan chairs, covered in 3D woven textiles.The original chairs are not hidden, but simply blurred by the cover, creating a dialogue between the old and the new, between the original “vintage” piece and its reclaimed modern transformation.