I’m participating in a fun challenge from HP where I’m recreating some of the challenges from Project Runway Season 9 using an HP TouchSmart 610 PC. These challenges have been hard – like calculus hard. This week the designers had to create an avant garde design based on a painting done by a kid from the Harlem School of the Arts. I decided to base my design off of the wolf painting done by Josh’s kid. Since Josh lost, I figured my design can’t be much worse than his…

I created a costume dress in red. I chose red to symbolize the exposed heart as well as the tale of Little Red Riding Hood. I created a wolf tail that forms a headdress and then wraps around the dress until it falls to the floor like a train (or a real tail). I also exposed the chest just like in the painting. Hey – I never said I was much of a fashion designer but this is so much fun!

On another note, I’m actually headed to New York tomorrow for NY Fashion Week – I’ve never been so it should be exciting. I wish it wasn’t supposed to rain the entire time… While up there, I’ll also be attending the Project Runway finale show! So be sure to follow me on Twitter to keep tabs on my whereabouts.

See all of my designs and follow this fun challenge here.

Neither HP nor Project Runway are paying me for this post. HP provided me with a TouchSmart 610 PC to play around with for the challenge.