Beckmans College of Design unveiled a new project this past week at the 2011 Stockholm Furniture Fair called The Matter of Things. A collection of pieces from 13 graduating Beckmans students worked together with second-year students in Advertising and Graphic Design to create the project with the goal to “let ideas, research and process be in focus.”

The exhibition pieces visually display the research done in the creation of each product and the way in which the object and materials interact, as well as how we communicate with the object.

The Advertising and Graphic Design students developed the concept of communication, print, exhibition design, digital communication and a documentary.

Here is a sampling of some of the pieces that were part of the exhibition:

The Matter of Bonding by Anna Glansén

The Matter of Everyday Moments by Elin Hedlund

The Matter of the Unintended by Hannes Lennartsson

The Matter of Symbiosis by Eddi Törnberg

The Matter of Human Impression by Hanna Billqvist

The Matter of Perspective by Gustav Carlberg

If you want more information check out the project website or read a beautiful article on the exhibition on Yatzer.