We all like to listen to our music on the go and it’s pretty easy these days with iPods and headphones, but it’s not always so easy when you’re in a group and everyone wants to listen. Outdoor Technology is looking to change that with their Turtle Shell, which they describe as a “rugged wireless boombox”. Their water-resistant design is small enough to mount on your bike or stroller, but produces enough sound for you to crank it up at your next outdoor party.

The brilliant thing about it is that it syncs with any of your Bluetooth-enabled devices like your MP3 player, computer, or iPhone, and you can listen to your playlists anytime you want and do it all wirelessly! You can even control your music with the buttons on the side. It also gets 9-10 hours of play with its rechargeable batteries.

Jump on their Kickstarter campaign to secure yours now in one of 7 colors.