Northern Michigan University School of Art and Design will be exhibiting for the first time in Milan at Salone. Their show, called Transiessence, will feature works from 18 student designers.

From the show’s description:

The dictionary defines the word transient as not lasting, enduring, or permanent. Essence is defined as the basic, real, and invariable nature of a thing or its significant individual feature or features. Together, these values provide a range of responses that stimulate desires for function and change. Transiessence evokes the emotional relationship between people and objects while proposing new modes of sustainability through interaction. These interactions have been interpreted and defined in a variety of ways that create a new sense of awareness that promote adaptation in regards to consumption, trends, personal identity, and memory.

Remembrance by Mitch Steinmetz
The coffee table is the center of any living room: a place for conversation, gathering, and storage. The photo album preserves memories, giving life to past events and emotions. Remembrance combines the social interaction of family gatherings with the nostalgia and enjoyment of remembering the past. Instead of acting as a liaison between the user and their entertainment, Remembrance becomes the source of entertainment. It creates new memories while simultaneously cataloging and cherishing old ones.

Construct by Mathew Otto
Construct is an adaptable chaise lounge, changing form to accommodate the seating preference of the user. By transforming from daybed to pillowed sofa, the lounge stays new, never blending into the world around it and allowing the users to continually reuse it, rather than replace it. Construct strives for sustainability through adaptability.

Somnio by Austin Gatz
Somnio is a shoulder bag intended to help alleviate the growing cycle of over consumption. With hidden pockets that can be flipped out and opened up, Somnio provides the user a new realm of possibilities. Offering more or less space as needed by the user, Somnio has the ability to replace two or three bags as one beautiful, customizable object.

Check out the rest of the pieces in the exhibition on the Transiessence website.