Urban Legend is a new Hungarian brand of weatherproof cyclewear inspired by the experiences of the designer Zsófi Geréby. I love that this line is specific to people who ride bikes, as I’m sure many of our readers do!

Zsófi, an enthusiastic supporter of urban cycling and a frequent Budapest-based cyclist herself, decided there needed to be a better way for bikers to dress and express themselves year round. The clothing needs to be attractive and yet functional for riding a bike. The fabrics are performance grade and yet don’t look like athletic apparel — they look like real clothes. Real, comfortable clothes.

As if that wasn’t enough, the pieces in the collection become more than just clothing — they contain QR-codes with different urban legends about Budapest. For Budapest residents, the encoded stories will always be with them and for outsiders, it spreads the secrets of a foreign city to others as one cycles around. I find this particular detail to be most endearing.

Love this top.

This metallic raincoat has my name on it!

Photos by Andrea Gáldi Vinkó.