Useful Arbeitsloser (Jobless) by Sanghyeok Lee is a series of furniture that reflects the life of its designer. The collection is focused on its joints and resembles scaffolding and construction, which, for the designer, is representative of life in a foreign country.

From the designer:

A scaffolding resembled a life of a designer who lives in a foreign country in a way that it is always passed by, constructed and moved away without much attention, while being a necessary element in construction sites. Useful Arbeitsloser (Jobless) is assembled pieces of furniture. The brass joints symbolize the weight of life and the act of screwing the joints is a part of a life to create comfort. While life becomes heavy and our space of living gets more spacious, the furniture we have around us are getting lighter and feels more indifferent. The form and structure of Useful Arbeitsloser (Jobless) is a story of nomad, imperfect lives and furniture of the contemporaries.