VELO—2nd Gear is a new book published by Gestalten that celebrates international bicycle culture.


The editors wanted to explore the double meaning of the bicycle. Used daily by many, it can be viewed as both a practical object and a literal and figurative vehicle for self-expression. Word.

In the book, bikers from New York all the way to Berlin express themselves through their carefully-made machines.



Riding a bike is something that – once you learn how to do it – you won’t forget it. I, for one, can go years without riding a bike, but every time I hop on one, riding becomes a natural thing! It’s almost like I pick up where I left off.


Whether you’re a fan of old-fashioned bikes, high-tech machinery, beach cruisers, or mountain bikes you’ll definitely find a little piece of yourself in VELO—2nd Gear. You might just learn interesting facts about other kinds of bikes and lifestyles too!

Human Bike by Jan Gunneweg

Human Bike by Jan Gunneweg

The book shows the connection between lifestyle, culture, function, and machine in a modern and visually stimulating way. All of these ideas combined, communicate what we really use bicycles for. They can help us express who we are and why we are.