With their goal of building a private residence with clean lines and simplicity, the Villa C represents minimalism in a lush green environment. Designed by Studio Guilhem & Guilhem, the home is located in Cannes-La Californie, France and is full of linear geometries.

Built with concrete, stone, wood, and glass that work seamlessly together, the modern dwelling boasts a pool and a glass-enclosed, interior patio.

The second floor balcony is surrounded with glass as to not block the view or take away from the look of the exterior.

The walls of windows disappear making the space completely open to the outdoor patios.

They even built a little piece of paradise right in the center of the house. The double-height glass column encloses a cubic patio, bringing a little outdoors inside.

The column is open through to the roof bringing natural light to both floors.

Each room was built such that the amount of natural light would be the same throughout the house giving flow to the residence.

I love the pivoting front door.

Photos by Olivier Amsellem.