SHIFT recently added the Viva desk to their Viva collection, which uses OSB, an industrial material that has been re-envisioned in a desk that’s ideal for everyday use.

Viva Desk SHIFT-3

Much like the rest of the pieces in the collection, the Viva desk is constructed with a combination of artisanal craftsmanship and computerized manufacturing. Computers are used to cut the OSB pieces, while hand-knitted string ties the upper and lower centerpieces together.

Viva Desk SHIFT-2

Not only does it add a decorative touch, it also acts as a shelf for books or other documents. Together, it summarizes SHIFT’s idea of complete design – where every single element has form and function.

Viva Desk SHIFT-4

Viva Desk SHIFT-5

Viva Desk SHIFT-7

Viva Desk SHIFT-6