NOTE: You might not want to be eating right now.

It’s voting time for our most exciting contest to date! We received over 75 entries, all of which deserved a Sleepypod. It was very hard for Mod-dog, Moderncat, and Design Milk to narrow the entries down to 5.

Vote below the entries for the one you believe should win a brand new Sleepypod. One vote per person. The poll closes on Friday, November 7th at 11:59 p.m. Speaking of voting, if you’re eligible to vote in the US, please get out and vote on Tuesday.

#1 – Checkers, submitted by Cynthia

#2 – Federico, submitted by Julie

#3 – Hunter, submitted by Cynthia

#4 – Roxy, submitted by Lizzi

#5 – 2 shitzus, submitted by Tiffany


Sorry, voting is now closed.