It’s been a great run with our old design. It was functional and clean, and I was pretty attached to it since I developed most of it myself from scratch. But times are a-changin’ and things are a-goin’ mobile, so I decided to slowly ease into something new with a more visual, touch friendly design and a brand new tablet and mobile site. Depending on your device, screen size or browser window, you might see something a little different but it’s all been customized to make navigating and reading Design Milk much easier and more beautiful no matter how you’re viewing it.


Working alongside the team at Electric Pulp, we created a more visual experience that focuses on what we all love most about Design Milk: the inspirational images. The new homepage is a grid format so that you can quickly scan over it to see what interests you most. We’ve been able to fit 16 posts on each page now, in the same amount of space in which we used to fit only eight. You can click through on the image or title to read the full post just like you have done in the past.


Our new sliding gallery is easy to read and clean.


We’ve kept the sidebar and just added some new content to it. We’re proud of our regular, original content so we wanted to highlight the most interesting and most popular columns in the sidebar. You can now also navigate to any of these columns easily from the menu bar. Columns are now also clearly labeled on the homepage. We’ve move our “Most Popular” posts and “Best Of” to the bottom of the page and created more clearly defined and easier-to-find navigation.


Post text is larger and easier to read, and we’ve made a brand new image gallery so moving forward, our images will be much larger, so you can click on each image and see it in its full size.


And finally, our site looks awesome on tablet and mobile devices. I welcome your thoughts, feedback, suggestions. If you encounter any problems with the site, please contact us and we’ll get right on it. But please bear with us over the next few days as we’re still working out the kinks.