This single family home located in Sonoma, California was imagined and realized by Dowling Studios. You might remember us featuring identical twins Julie and Leslie Dowling in one of our recent Friday Fives.

The home sites on 22 acres and is approximately 2,240 square feet, a modest-sized home, especially for its property size. It has three bedrooms a few bathrooms, gathering areas and, most importantly, a lap pool.

The architects designed the house to be a prefab/site-built hybrid, utilizing the efficiencies of a pre-fabricated, panelized framing system that was incorporated into custom, site-built construction. It was also slightly experimental in that it was used to learn, test, and teach about sustainable building concepts — a feat that was possible since it is one of the architect’s own residences.

There are tons of green features to the home including R38 certified recycled content thermal batt roof insulation, R21 Blown fiberglass wall insulation, wool carpet and padding, low and no VOC paints and sealers, pre-engineered, reclaimed wood flooring with FSC certified substrate, FSC certified interior trim, solar pool heating mounted to roof, eco-conscious landscaping, and tons more that I won’t bore you with here… the bottom line is that the project participated in the USGBC LEED for Homes program, and was the first home to be certified Platinum in Sonoma County, in December, 2009.

But, the icing on the cake is that the gorgeous location with its expansive views of the Russian River Valley is enviable to say the least. We’d like to move in.