A few weeks ago, smart invited people to participate in a collaborative art project that combined creativity and social networking. They asked people to tweet their visions of the future to @smartfortwoUK and watch as those visions were illustrated directly onto the exterior of a smart fortwo electric drive.

Illustrator Johanna Basford spent a total of 24 hours over two days transforming the smart fortwo electric drive into a work of art live at smart urban stage on London’s Southbank. @smartfortwoUK received a whopping 250 tweets and the most innovative and imaginative suggestions were creatively interpreted by Johanna and then intricately hand drawn on the car canvas. In the 24 hours Johanna drew over 150 suggested illustrations including undiscovered mermaids living deep in the ocean who surfaced to save the planet, a living garbage machine where rubbish is transformed into flowers, and a solar powered teleporting machine! In addition to participating via twitter thousands of people were hooked watching the live stream online as the ever-evolving art piece unfolded.

Watch the video:

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