10 Coffee Brewing Accessories To Level up Your Cup

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10 Coffee Brewing Accessories To Level up Your Cup

Pretty much anyone who knows me knows that I’m obsessed with coffee – a love that’s only amplified since quarantine started back in March. I love making coffee every which way: pour-overs, French press, cold brew, Aeropress, and any new way I come across. So, with International Coffee Day this week, here are my top ten coffee brewing accessories and technology to make a delicious cup!

>>> Hario Pour-Over Coffee Drip Timer Scale by The Coffee Registry <<< $48
No matter what way you’re making coffee, you need a good scale. How else will you be able to make a consistently delicious brew? Seriously, if you make coffee at home, using a scale is an immediate way to level up your home brewing. Hario is one of my go-to brands for coffee-related products, and this scale is no different. It’s compact, precise, and comes with a built-in timer.

>>> Pour Over Stainless Steel Kettle by KINTO <<< $150
Also important? A gooseneck kettle. You don’t need this for every coffee brewing method, but you should have one to make pour-overs or Chemex, so having one of these ensures that you’ll be able to make coffee in using any method – whenever you want. KINTO is one of my other go-to coffee brands, and their kettle makes for a smooth and easy pour.

>>> Encore Coffee Grinder by Baratza <<< $139
This is a must-have when it comes to coffee brewing accessories. If you don’t have a good grinder, it’s going to be much harder to make tasty coffee, and it’ll be almost impossible to make consistently. Baratza makes great grinders (at a range of prices), and they look good on your countertop, too.

>>> Stoneware French Press Coffee Maker by Le Creuset <<< $75
Whenever I’m making coffee for more than just myself, I use a French press. It doesn’t require as much constant attention, and it makes a lot. Given that, I want one that is going to look especially good while the beans are brewing, which is why I love this one from Le Creuset. And, there are enough color options that it’s easy to find one that matches your home’s aesthetic.

>>> S04 Small Brewer Set by KINTO <<< $150
Most mornings, I start the day off with a pour-over coffee, and this set makes that simple. You get almost total control with a pour-over, which pays off in that perfectly crafted first sip. This control also makes experimenting with coffee super fun! You’ll get all the essentials with this KINTO set: stand, filter, brewer, server – everything you need if you’re just getting into pour-overs or if you’re just looking to change your setup.

>>> Capsule Cold Brew Carafe by KINTO <<< $32
I love cold-brew coffee on a warm day – or if I know I’m going to be up early in the morning. It’s so nice to grab this carafe out of the fridge and have the coffee you prepped the day before ready to go and totally delicious. All you have to do is pour.

>>> Monday Ceramic Mug by Puik Design <<< $34
I’m a big believer that you want different types of mugs for different situations. The Monday Ceramic Mug is perfect if you’re enjoying your cup of coffee with someone else. The colors are calming and the clean lines show off the homebrew you worked so hard to make.

>>> Porter 12oz Mug by W&P <<< $25
The W&P Porter Mug is perfect if you’re on-the-go or if you’re enjoying coffee while working. It’s nice having the extra barrier of a lid when drinking near the computer. These mugs are comfortable to hold and look great – I have several and am always getting compliments, even over Zoom and social media.

>>> Raw Mark Mug by Recreation Center <<< $40
Finally, there’s the coffee mug you want when you’re curled up on the couch under a blanket. It’s just you, your caffeine and your mug. The fun design on the Raw Mark Mug gives you something to brighten up your day as your coffee jumpstarts it.

>>> The World Atlas of Coffee: From Beans to Brewing — Coffees Explored, Explained and Enjoyed by James Hoffman <<< $35.14
Not only is this the perfect coffee-table book, but it’s also filled with everything you want to know about coffee. It talks about the harvest and production process, and it covers popular at-home brewing methods. So, if you’re just starting out on your coffee journey or you want to dive deep into it, this book has something for you.

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