10 Modern Puzzles Adults Will Want to Get Their Hands On

Puzzles aren’t just child’s play these days with all kinds of artists and designers coming out with versions both adults and kids will want to fight over. From abstract, geometric, colorful, pop art, and everything in between, we searched the world wide web for puzzles adults will be trying to steal from the children in their life. Take a look.

04.13.17 | By
10 Modern Puzzles Adults Will Want to Get Their Hands On

1. Andy Warhol Soup Can Green Puzzle 2. 2-in-1 Challenge Puzzle by Nervous System 3. Charley Harper Jigsaw Puzzle from The Land of Nod 4. Rex Ray Affeto Puzzle by Heye 5. Small Four-Color-Map Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle by Artifact Puzzles 6. A Vinyl Collection Puzzle 7. Bryce Wilner’s Gradient Puzzle – Red/Yellow for Areaware 8. New York City Magnet Puzzle 9. Alexander Girard Eden Giant Floor Puzzle by Gloria Fowler 10. Piet Mondrian Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

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