10 Wellness + Grooming Favorites for Men to #TreatYourself

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The wellness space for men has been underserved in the past when it comes to grooming and beauty. Thankfully that landscape has changed a lot in the last few years with emerging brands that champion self-care, personal hygiene and mental health. After all, wellness isn’t gender specific and men deserve TLC too! We want to help in whatever small ways we can to break the barriers and stigmas that come with men taking time for themselves to indulge in beauty and self-care. So, we’re rounding up 10 products to encourage men to #treatyourself, because you deserve it too.

>>> Whiskey Bar Soap by Soap Distillery <<< $8
If you enjoy whiskey, this bar soap has an oaky scent like it just came straight from the barrel. It smells like spices, caramel, oak and cedar wood. This soap is also cold processed which means it uses less energy to make and is extra-hydrating compared to hot processed soaps. Not a fan of whisky? This Elderflower Mimosa sounds like it would smell great too, like Sunday brunch.

>>> Bevel Skin Essentials Bundle <<< $35
Bevel has us hooked with its cool packaging, but then really made us a fan when we saw the wide range of products they make, including sleek trimmers, skincare that targets discoloration or hydration, and beard care for a fuller + softer beard. Women don’t need to feel left out. Here are all the reasons why Bevel is good for women too.

>>> Alder New York Brightening Face Mask <<< $46
Nothing feels as indulgent as a slathering on a face mask and chilling out while the product works its magic. This mud mask is designed to reduce dark spots while smoothing, tightening and firming up your skin.

>>> Nature Boy Wooden Beard Comb <<< $40
Regular plastic combs don’t really say #treatyourself nor do they motivate you to prioritize your grooming. However, this hand-crafted wooden comb made from Black Walnut and African Mukwa woods is a beauty, and it’s multi-functional with a long wide teeth side for longer beards and a fine teeth side for shorter beards.

>>> Men’s Society Fab Hand Cream <<< $18
There’s nothing masculine or feminine about soft hands – soft hands just feel nice! With all the hand-washing we’re doing, our hands deserve some much deserved TLC.

>>> Salt & Stone SPF 50 Sunscreen Lotion <<< $23
Did you know that even if you’re indoors, it’s recommended to wear sunscreen? UVA rays (responsible for aging and wrinkling your skin) and UVB rays (which can cause burning) still make their way through our windows, home and office so it’s important to wear sunscreen daily. This one is a two-in-one that offers both sun protection and hydration.

>>> Fulton & Roark Solid Cologne <<< $42
You can smell good anywhere, anytime with this solid, wax-based cologne that’s available in several scents, including Sterling (smells like tobacco, leather and vanilla) and Hatteras (fresh and green with light spice).

>>> Samson…A Men’s Emporium Dichotomy Eye Serum <<< $80
Aside from the old school meets new school packaging, this eye serum caught our eye for its promises to reduce sagging skin and dark circles using natural ingredients like Norwegian Kelp, Persian Silk Tree and Gotu Kola plants.

>>> Beardology Infused Coffee Beard Oil <<< $11
There’s something so intoxicating about the scent of coffee in the morning (or any time, for that matter) so a coffee-infused beard oil sounds so delicious. Can we say that about a beard oil? We’re standing by it.

Illustrator José Roda + Special Edition Pride Shave Kit

>>> Harry’s Shave With Pride Set <<< $25
We’ve shared about this special set before and needed to mention it again. Packaged in an artist-designed box by José Roda, 100% (!!) of the proceeds from this shave kit go towards The Trevor Project, the world’s largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ youth. It includes everything you need for a smooth shave: a shave gel, a shaver with a unique prismatic finish (no two are alike!), a travel cover and extra German-engineered blades.

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