11 Reasons to Get You Excited for Back to School Season

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11 Reasons to Get You Excited for Back to School Season

It’s hard to believe that for some of us, summer is winding down as we start to prepare for the back-to-school season. Whether you’re heading back to work or back to campus, here are 11 items to help ease the transition and get you or your student excited for the academic year.

Design Milk black and white notebook, planner, and pens

Notebook, Planner + Slim Pens Set by Design Milk x Poketo
Our 15th Anniversary Collection is an all-in-one set that has everything you need for jotting down notes and to do’s, including a notebook, a planner and a pen set.

green and pink water bottle

Lund London Skittle Bottle by post.script
Reusable water bottles are essential whether your student is in elementary school or college and this one ensures that they won’t get mixed up in the haste of packing up after class.

rainbow highlights

Accent Double Tip Highlighters by Poketo
Add some fun color to your collection of writing utensils with these neon, double tip highlighters!

reusable banana lunch bag

bänanas Lunch Bag by rü supply co
Spill resistant, compact, and expandable, this lunch bag is perfect for on-the-go meals or endless snacking.

pink bento box

Expanded Bento Box by TAKENAKA BENTOBOX
Packing your lunch in a Japanese-inspired bento box ensures that your favorites meals and sides won’t get tossed around in transit.

red totebag backpack

Hello World Notabag in Rose/Red by Notabag
For those days when you have a lighter load, the Notabag Original is a comfortable option for schlepping a few items. It features a smart design that converts from a reusable bag to a backpack with a simple pull of the straps, ideal for school or weekend errands.

minimalist white backpack

Roll Pack by QWSTION
When the schedule is packed with classes, a bigger carrier like this minimalist Roll Pack can adapt to its content with a flexible roll top closure.

black white and navy sneakers

OCA Low Pantone Snow White Canvas Contrast Thread Sneaker by Cariuma Central Pte Ltd
There is always the dread that two classes are far away from each other. To make the walk a little more comfortable, a pair of lightweight sneakers from footwear brand Cariuma will have your feet thanking you. (Check out the men’s version here!)

black airpods carrying case

AirPods Pro Leather Case in Black by COURANT
Upgrade your AirPods from basic to bold with a luxe Italian leather case that will protect your tech with style.

black portable charger with cables

Fusion Mini iPhone Charger by Usebepower
An impending phone shut down is the worst, so having a portable charger is a must. This one includes two built-in and magnetic cables so you don’t have to worry about tangled wires.

black macbook case with pocket

Stow Sleeve for MacBook by Native Union
Finally, for your biggest tech investment, a laptop sleeve gives you peace of mind and this one is great for carrying in your bag or just alone. Its quick access pocket gives you space for carrying just the essentials.

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