182 Square Foot Micro Apartment in Seattle

Engineer Steve Sauer has spent the last 10 years designing and perfecting a subterranean storage unit into his own 182 square foot micro apartment in Seattle. The “pico dwelling” (pico is a trillionth) manages to fit in everything one might need in a home with clever storage and custom built solutions. The idea was to stack necessary functions into layered spaces, like a bed, a video lounge with a flat-screen TV, a cafe section with views to the sidewalk, etc.


A covered hole in the floor hides a Japanese soaking tub. A custom table in the main area can fit six people and the kitchen has all the amenities of a regular-sized kitchen. Behind the kitchen is the bathroom with a glass IKEA tabletop acting as the ceiling of the space. The tabletop also serves as a platform for a mattress for guests to sleep. Utilizing IKEA’s affordable countertops and shelving allowed Sauer to hack them into exactly what he needed for the space.


Watch this video as Steve walks through the entire space:

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Images courtesy of Steve Sauer.

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