2 Seasonal Pre-Batched Cocktails for the Holiday Season!

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2 Seasonal Pre-Batched Cocktails for the Holiday Season!

Now that many people are vaccinated and comfortable gathering with loved ones once again, we wanted to share two cocktail recipes that can easily be pre-batched ahead of time for the fast approaching holiday and entertaining season. Not only do pre-batched cocktails keep holiday dinner guests from “helping” in the kitchen while you finish carving and plattering, but it more importantly affords you quality time with those very guests once the meal is underway. The trick to perfecting pre-batched cocktails: accounting for dilution. Typically when shaking or stirring a drink the ice melts to give you the right amount of dilution. However, when pre-batching you must account for this melting by adding a little water… the trick is how much! Below are 2 seasonal recipes that will perfectly complement your holiday menu flavors where we’ve figured it out for you. Happy Holidays!

Dem Apples

ginger infused bourbon | apple cider | lemon | prosecco

Single Cocktail
1.5oz ginger infused bourbon
2oz apple cider
.25oz lemon juice
.25oz simple syrup
.5oz water
top with splash of prosecco
GARNISH: with apple slice
Pour over ice

Pre-batched for 12 Cocktails
18oz ginger infused bourbon
24oz apple cider
3oz lemon juice
3oz simple syrup
6oz water
6oz prosecco
GARNISH: with apple slice
Pour over ice


Smokey Old Fashioned

rye | px sherry | demerara | angostura | hickory smoke

Single Cocktail
2oz Rye
.5 PX Sherry
.25 Demerara syrup
.75 Water
4 dashes each of Angostura
GARNISH: charred orange zest
Pour over ice

Pre-Batched for 12 Cocktails
24oz Rye
6 PX Sherry
3 Demerara syrup
48 dashes each of Angostura
9oz Water
GARNISH: charred orange zest
Pour over ice

For extra points, use your smoking gun with hickory smoke chips to float some smoke atop each drink or if you don’t have room for the additional 10 firemen at your table, or don’t own a smoke gun, we recommend pre-infusing your whiskey with Teroforma’s 1pt N. 012 Barrel Blend infusion.

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TJ Girard is a sought-after food designer and creative consultant, celebrated for staging theatrical, interactive food + beverage experiences. She now resides in California where her creativity is solar powered! TJ writes the Design Milk column called Taste.