2012 Year in Review: Best of “For Humans”
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We’re winding down the year here at Dog Milk and taking some time to look back at the awesome posts, products, pets, and people we’ve had a chance to feature in 2012. Over the next two weeks, we’ll be sharing the top posts from our main categories before we unveil the best of the best: the ten most popular posts of 2012!

Architecture, dog-themed decor, art — here are the 5 most popular posts for people!

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Dog House — Apparently this architectural genius designed a home for dogs. Pawesome!

Dog Names for Graphic Designers

Dog Names for Graphic Designers — A tongue-in-cheek nod to design-obsessed dog lovers everywhere.

Bark Out Loud: What is Your Dog's Shameful Confession?

Bark Out Loud: What is Your Dog’s Shameful Confession? — It’s time to air your dog’s dirty laundry!

Disabled Pets Photo Series by Carli Davidson — Beautiful portraits of thriving, happy dogs.

Good Boy, Good Puppy Lamps

Good Boy, Good Puppy Lamps — Because mildly offensive things are good for the soul.

Capree has a deep love of Victorian-era “fancy lads”, 19th Century anatomy drawings, and tin robots. She loves big, bold colors and big, bold patterns. Oh, and anything well-designed, especially if it’s something she can sit in.