2014 Year in Review: Where I Work

Our Where I Work column gives us an inside look into the world of a designer or design professional to see where it all goes down. Their creative spaces speak volumes about their process and their minds, along with their answers to our burning questions. Take a look back to see where all the designer magic happens.

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2014 Year in Review: Where I Work

Where I Work: PELLE Designs
We went to Brooklyn in the Red Hook neighborhood to visit the office and creative studio space of the multidisciplinary PELLE Designs.


Where I Work: Sebastian Errazuriz
For this Where I Work, we went behind-the-scenes with trailblazing artist and designer, Sebastian Errazuriz, who was and is hot off the success of recent projects.


Where I Work: Diego Revollo
We headed to São Paulo, Brazil, the home of architect and interior designer Diego Revollo who designs warm, contemporary spaces and lofts.


Where I Work: Souda
We spoke to Isaac Friedman-Heiman, of Souda, to learn more about the Brooklyn-based company’s modern furniture, lighting, and home accessories they produce.


Where I Work: Louise Olsen of Dinosaur Designs
Where I Work headed to Australia to check out the workspace of Louise Olsen, designer and co-founder of Dinosaur Designs and their organic/graphic designs.


Where I Work: Architect Henrique Steyer
We went to southern Brazil to the ALBUS Design offices in Porto Alegre, to see the quirky and provocative offices of architect Henrique Steyer.


Where I Work: ZAK+FOX
Where I Work visited the studio of ZAK+FOX where New York City-based interior and textile designer Zak Profera creates modern and eclectic fabrics.


Where I Work: byAMT
We slipped into the world of Alissia Melka-Teichroew, founder and creative director of New York-based design studio byAMT to see where the designer works.


Where I Work: Bernard Brucha of MASHstudios
We visited industrial and space designer Bernard Brucha of MASHstudios in Los Angeles to see where and how he and his team worked, in this Where I Work.


Where I Work: Rachel Castle
We headed to the Sydney, Australia workshop of Rachel Castle to get a feel for her eye-popping color palette, whimsical style, and witty sense of humor.


Where I Work: Marc Thorpe
We visited NYC to check in on the studio of architect and industrial designer Marc Thorpe who bridges the gap between architecture, design, and technology.

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