2018 Gift Guide: New Homeowners
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Moving into a new home is ridiculously stressful and overwhelming with logistics, packing/unpacking, utility setups, costs, etc. That doesn’t even put into account the design phase which can cost a lot of money on top of all the money spent on deposits or down payments. Much of the time the design gets put on the back burner after shelling out so much just to get into a place leaving bare walls and empty surfaces screaming for help. If you know of anyone just starting out in a new home, think about gifting them something that can enhance their life moving forward, like these 10 suggestions below.

Nakashima Tray by George Nakashima for Knoll \\\ $430
New homeowners are most likely going to want to show off their new digs, which inevitably means having a housewarming party and probably many more after that. If that’s the case, there will be a need for serving pieces to help with food setup. Not to mention, having a great tray to rest a cup of coffee on while reading the paper in bed is a nice bonus.

“Talise” Fluted Glass Carafe with Water Filter by fferrone \\\ $160
At some point it’s time to upgrade from those tired plastic water filtration pitchers to something a little more elegant and this handcrafted carafe is the perfect option. Not only is it functional by filtering the water, it looks beautiful when it’s on display and ready to serve.

Show Wall Plywood Clock by Lemnos \\\ $100
Nothing beats a great wall clock, especially when moving into a new home. The Snow Clock is made by skilled craftsmen in Japan with a simple design of painted white numbers on glass that cast shadows as light filters in throughout the day.

Lala Throw by DittoHouse \\\ $160
DittoHouse makes the most cozy, beautiful throws that add color, pattern, and life into any room they land in, especially this one. It’s named after owner/designer Molly Fitzpatrick’s daughter, Malala, who was named after the heroic Malala Yousafzai who’s mission is to empower young girls through education. The Lala Throw is bound to make the gift recipient extra cozy, warm, and loved after hearing the story behind it.

Brass Match Scratcher by JFM \\\ $130
Every household needs matches. It’s one of those things you don’t really think about until you need them and realize you don’t have any. This cylindrical design is made from machined brass that doubles as a holder and striker for the matches it holds.

Merkled Tiny Wall Hook – Set of 4 \\\ $56
Hooks are one of those things you can never have enough of, whether it’s to hang near the door for your coat and bag, in the kitchen for an apron or dish towel, or in the bathroom to hang up your towels and bathrobe. These powder-coated aluminum hooks come in 7 colors and in a right or left sided version giving plenty of options for every aesthetic.

Lucano Stepladder by Hasegawa Ladders \\\ $105
Hasegawa Ladders have a cult following as the beloved ladder is minimalist and super handy to have around. They’re incredibly sturdy and not at all embarrassing to keep out in plain sight when you have to do a lot of reaching high up.

Input Wall Organizer by Anne Holm & Sigrid Smetana for Woud \\\ $359
Organization is key when moving into a new space as it sets a precedent to keep things neat and tidy moving forward. This wall-mounted design will bring a graphic touch to any wall while adding convenient, movable bins of storage for all those bits and bobs lying around.

Large Copper Standing Bowl by Fort Standard \\\ $215
The perfect centerpiece for any table or console as it packs a brilliant punch with it’s copper finish and three architecturally inspired planar feet that lift it off the surface. It can be used to hold objects or even anything food-related as it is food-safe.

Case Study Ceramics Table Top Cylinder with Stand by Modernica \\\ From $125
Plants are the perfect finishing touch to any home as that greenery is literally adding life to a space. Having a beautiful planter to put it is like a cherry on top and these from Modernica are a long-standing favorite.

Caroline Williamson is Editorial Director of Design Milk. She has a BFA in photography from SCAD and can usually be found searching for vintage wares, doing New York Times crossword puzzles in pen, or reworking playlists on Spotify.