2019 Gift Guide: Travel

Whether they have the occasional travel urge or a full case of wanderlust, we all have those people in our lives that love jet-setting to their next locale. Travel in modern times is no piece of cake, with delayed flights, inconsiderate passengers, and high fees, but sometimes there are tangible things that can make it better. Maybe these 10 travel gift ideas aren’t mandatory, but they can definitely make someone’s travel a bit more enjoyable the next time they head out.

Solitaire Cards by Susan Kare for Areaware \\\ $14
Whether your loved one travels weekly or just every once in awhile, the long hours spent on planes, trains, automobiles, and hotels can be mind-numbing. Having entertainment, like this cool deck of cards featuring the original artwork for the Windows 3.0 Solitaire game, is essential and easy to pack.

Quick Fix Kit – First Aid On The Go from Welly \\\ $6.99
Ever been on a trip where you spend most of your days walking only to develop a painful blister that could take you out of the vacation game? Packing a compact first aid kit, like this reusable tin outfitted with colorful bandages, ointments, and hand sanitizers, is a great precautionary measure, especially since its something not often thought about pre-trip.

Hana Pouch Leather by Graf Lantz \\\ $58
My philosophy is that one can never have too many pouches for travel as a way to keep all the little stuff contained. When you’re required to pack everything you need into small suitcases, organization is key to make it all happen. This leather pouch is a handy place to keep your tech cords, makeup, or toiletries in one spot.

Grey Silicone Doppel Bag from Würkin Stiffs \\\ $
A practical addition to anyone’s travel gear as it’s large enough to hold all of those important toiletries we humans can’t live without. This dopp bag is made of 100% silicone which means it will hold up if a shampoo or lotion bottle explodes in the suitcase while in transit. It also means it will protect important gear or accessories should it be taken to the beach or a pool.

Flip Digital Alarm Clock, Travel Size from Lexon \\\ $32
This simple, lightweight clock is perfect to tote on any trip as it’s compact enough to fit in the tiniest of suitcases, as well as on any small hotel nightstand. To turn the alarm on, make sure the ‘ON’ is visible on top and when the alarm sounds, flip the clock over to ‘OFF’. No more fumbling in the dark to try to find the off button on that ancient clock radio the hotel is still holding onto.

Mini First Class Leather Tech Case from Stow \\\ $410
For the frequent traveling loved one in your life, this sleek leather case, which is available in 7 colorways, will be their go-to travel essential as it holds a mobile phone, the included phone charger, cable, passport, credit cards, change, pen, and more.

Duck Bag by Baggu \\\ $34
All of Baggu’s designs are easy and practical, especially these classic canvas totes, which are available in 11 colors and designs. They’re great to use as a personal item on the plane, as they’re spacious enough to hold a 15″ MacBook and lots of other essentials. They’re also lightweight and durable making them perfect for schlepping around new cities and tossing in a keepsake purchase or two.

TUPLUS S2 Aluminum Carry-on Suitcase (16″) \\\ $409
A premium gift for someone special, this compact carry-on is designed to make travel smooth and fun. The minimalist design is made from supreme aircraft aluminum alloy, meaning it will last a lifetime and look like a million bucks. The sophisticated design does away with traditional zippers and instead opens by pressing down on the lock, giving quick access to a laptop and all the essentials.

Gauze Pajama Set from Parachute Home \\\ $150
Now that Parachute can deck out most of the house with their delectable goods, the company has launched their most personal item of all – pajamas. There’s something about climbing into a bed with clean sheets and fresh pjs that makes sleep that much better and now your loved one can take that feeling on the road with this modern set of sleepwear. The gauze material and classic style will mean no one has to be embarrassed answering the hotel room door for room service anymore.

The Expandable Large by Away \\\ $345
Away’s first foray into nylon luggage, their largest check-in size is the perfect workhorse for the busy travelers in your life. The water-resistant nylon expands an additional 1.75″ giving your gift recipient plenty of room to stow travel souvenirs for the flight back home.

Caroline Williamson is Editor-in-Chief of Design Milk. She has a BFA in photography from SCAD and can usually be found searching for vintage wares, doing New York Times crossword puzzles in pen, or reworking playlists on Spotify.