5 Designers on Our Radar From the Upcoming Isola Design District Exhibitions

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5 Designers on Our Radar From the Upcoming Isola Design District Exhibitions

Isola Design District is returning to Dutch Design Week which will be hosted from October 17-25th, 2020. Due to COVID-19, this year’s festivities will be entirely digital which means anyone anywhere in the world can view Isola Design District’s two new exhibitions, Materialized and Isola Design Gallery. Materialized will focus on sustainable design and biomaterials, while Isola Design Gallery will showcase collectible and bespoke design pieces inspired by architecture, geometry, art, minimalism and sustainability. From the exhibitions, here are 5 female designers we think you should put on your radar:

Studio Lionne van Deursen’s research project BIOTIC explores how microbes can be used to grow a biological material. Through a fermentation process that involves using yeast and bacteria, bacterial cellulose is created, which can be dyed using natural plant dyes and dyes made from fruit waste. The studio utilized this material to create their LUNA collection of table lamps, each made with a bacterial cellulose sheet that gives the lamp its unique diffused glow.

Valentina Rocco designed a 100% recycled + 100% recyclable directional LED wall lamp called Galileo. The fixture is inspired by the moon and its circular movement around earth. The circular shape is a nod to the designer’s belief that our economy should be circular in an effort to reduce plastic waste and global pollution.

Laura van de Wijdeven of Atelier LVDW developed “Eggshell Ceramic,” a new biodegradable material made from eggshells that can be used as a sustainable replacement for single-use products. This material has the look of ceramics but the weight of cardboard. After its use has been fulfilled, a product made of Eggshell Ceramic can be used for agriculture as a soil amendment.

Clémence Valade created a vertical, modular vegetation system called Babylone that can be implemented in urban areas where floor space is scarce. The system allows pots to be stacked, fixed to the wall or hung from the ceiling. Especially now when plants can help improve mental and physical health, Babylone’s modular system can be reconfigured easily as one adds more plants to their collection.

Lisanne Kamphuis of KUNST-S wants to change the idea that recycled plastic is a “lesser” material than other classic materials like stone, marble and ceramics. In fact, she thinks being able to tell you that a KUNST-S vase is made out of more than 600 Ferrero Rocher candy plastic wrappers is much cooler (we agree!). She’s out to create unique designs that exceed the usual expectations of recycled plastic.

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