A Bright Prague Apartment With Colorful Accents + Built-in Nooks

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A Bright Prague Apartment With Colorful Accents + Built-in Nooks

Welcome Home is a recently completed project by No Architects, who designed a modern apartment for a family with small children. The Prague apartment received a reconfigured layout that includes a new multipurpose room that works as a study, playroom, and guest room. Sliding doors can close to hide the room from the living room when it’s not in use or for privacy when someone is visiting or needing to work. Even with the doors closed, the open kitchen, dining room, and living room provide ample space for the family to enjoy.

modern kitchen with organic island and blue cabinets

side interior view of modern kitchen with oval island and blue cabinets

The unique kitchen boasts an oval, angled island with two bases in different finishes. The larger white base rests upon an elevated floor decked out in a patterned tile, while the wood column base sits on the main herringbone floor. The cabinets include a row of wood fronted uppers with light blue cabinets surrounding them.

angled interior view of modern kitchen with oval island

closeup interior view of modern kitchen with blue cabinets

The blue cabinets curve at one end, complementing the curves of the island and raised tile floor.

closeup view of tiled floor next to wood floor

Modern interior view of dining room with long wood table and bench seat

modern interior of living room with double-sided sofa and lit-up cabinets

A double-sided, navy blue leather sofa floats in the center of the living room surrounded by built-in storage and display cabinets. One side of the sofa faces the television, while the other looks towards the windows with views of Prague.

modern interior of living room facing small white tv cabinet

Built-in seating and bed nook with storage behind

The combo room just off the living room houses an elevated, built-in bed with storage under and behind it. On the opposite side, a light blue desk setup lives beside a large wooden storage cabinet with red legs.

Modern interior of room with small desk and chair, and large wooden cabinet

angled view of apartment entry with bright blue console table with wall mounted wood shelf above

The all-white hallway gets a boost from a cobalt blue console table that rests against the wall.

built-in seating nook with surrounding storage

A seating nook with storage is built into the hallway near the front door, offering a good place to drop belongings after entering the apartment.

Wall of wooden built-in cabinets with red legs

More wooden storage cabinets with red legs outfit the entryway.

built-in bunk bed room

A child’s room features a modern bunkbed that’s complete with storage, stairs, hidden lighting, and a privacy screen.

view from yellow hallway into room with built-in bunk beds

yellow and white hallway with closet storage

closeup view of modern yellow built-in cabinets with multicolored toy rocket

minimalist bathroom with yellow accents

modern bedroom with built-in headboard and storage

open walk-in closet with pink stool in center

looking through circular cutout into modern closet

man and woman in black standing in doorway

No Architects

Photos by Studio Flusser.

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