A Cloud-Like Chair Inspired by Ancient Ceramic Sculptures

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A Cloud-Like Chair Inspired by Ancient Ceramic Sculptures

One might expect a designer to take inspiration from soft materials when designing a supremely cozy chair. However, Ukrainian design brand FAINA took a different approach when bringing the overtly curvy and cushioned DOMNA armchair to life. To reach the chair’s distinct shape, FAINA designer Victoria Yakusha closely studied ancient ceramic sculptures of goddesses, drawing inspiration from their feminine forms.

The sculptures Yakusha observed were discovered by archaeologists on the Trypillia site located in modern day Ukraine and were primarily used as good luck symbols for families and farming.

When designing the DOMNA armchair, FAINA aimed to turn some of the mild feminine forms from the sculptures into a functional piece of furniture. The result is a cloud-like armchair that is comfortable, yet structured enough to hold its own in any living space. “I am trying to create long-living design pieces with soul, that will become ‘family members’ for [its owners],” explains the designer.

The DOMNA armchair has the option to add on a matching ottoman that takes on a similar form.

DOMNA is available in many different materials, including wool, polyester, and a microfiber that resembles suede. Each material offers extensive color options, from natural hues to bright pink.

Photos by FAINA.

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