A Luxury Tented Resort Featuring Biophilic Design in Punta Mita

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A Luxury Tented Resort Featuring Biophilic Design in Punta Mita

Naviva, A Four Seasons Resort, is a luxury tented resort located in Punta Mita, Mexico, designed by Luxury Frontiers. Set amidst a verdant jungle, the adults-only property consists of 15 high-end tents spread over 48 acres of private peninsula. The resort’s architectural aesthetic is grounded in the principles of biophilic design, an approach that seamlessly blends human constructs with the natural environment.

Lounge area adjacent the bedroom

Each element of the resort, from the form of the buildings to the interior design and guest experiences, is influenced by a natural phenomenon, creating a unique resort concept that is deeply rooted in nature. The 15 luxury tents are designed to harmonize with the surrounding jungle, offering guests panoramic views of Riviera Nayarit’s unique flora and fauna.

The resort’s manager, Ronny Fernández, adds: “We welcome guests to Naviva as if they are friends joining us at our own home, while giving them the space and flexibility for their own self-discovery and adventure. The joy of my role is being able to personally guide guests through these experiences and help them connect more deeply with the wonders around them.”

The resort collaborated with Mexican artists and manufacturers throughout the design and construction process to create spaces that resonate with the culture of Mexico. Custom furniture from Taracea and Baufaktory, artwork from Emma Boomkamp, reclaimed wooden games from Rasttro, and textiles from Anora Casa are some of the highlights.

Guest room with opened sliding doors to seamless connect the interiors with the outdoors

Expansive shot of both the bedroom and living area within a Naviva tent

Fullsize bathtub within the Naviva tent

Main entrance to one of the tents within Naviva

Bathroom shot of the double vanity and shower

Exterior shot of the Naviva tent featuring biophilic design

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