Aimée Wilder’s New Art Line Gives You Bold, Wallpaper-Like Patterns

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Aimée Wilder’s New Art Line Gives You Bold, Wallpaper-Like Patterns

Brooklyn-based multidisciplinary artist Aimée Wilder is launching her very own art line, starting with Shadow Wildling. Rather than filling a space with wallpaper from floor to ceiling, Wilder designed a series of large-format silk screened artwork that makes patterns the focal point in the format of a large painting.

My goal was to create something that lives in a more minimal and modern environment with materials such as marble, leather, or cement while allowing the art to stand out, with more conversational pieces that play with pattern, texture and feel.

The collection was inspired by several different sources: tessellation, positive and negative space, mathematics, fractal dragon curves, and nuanced color relationships. The prints are 4 feet wide and can vary up to 67 inches tall to create a show-stopping moment in any interior space. Each one is printed on the second largest screen available onto a fine canvas material recommend by Luther Davis, a master printer who has worked with over 80 artists. The backgrounds are printed first, prior to being stretched at 5 inches larger than the final size. The foreground is printed the following day after the background has dried. The result is a handmade, eye-catching piece of modern artwork that will command your attention in any given space.

The designs can be hung vertically or horizontally for a different look.

Aimée Wilder

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