Amagansett Residence by Ronen Lev

Amagansett Residence is a minimal home located outside of New York City, designed by Ronen Lev. The modern Hamptons weekend home is for a family of six, which will be used throughout the year. The clients wanted a simpler space that would align with the natural surroundings.

The home is situated in a quiet neighborhood in the Hamptons, and serves as a contrast to the bustling city life. As such, the clients wanted the furnishings to reflect this relaxed atmosphere. The atrium, which is characterized by glass panels stacked twenty feet high, features lighting by Apparatus.

Due to the fact that the home is open-concept, the architects delineated each space by using varying materials for the flooring. The focal point of the residence is the hearth, which features a fireplace constructed from a smooth black slate.

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