Amsterdam’s Historic Felix Meritis Building Is Renovated by i29

07.09.20 | By
Amsterdam’s Historic Felix Meritis Building Is Renovated by i29

Designed by i29, Felix Meritis is a minimalist interior located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, that will be used for future cultural events. The building was originally designed for a society of scientists, artists, entrepreneurs, and thinkers, sheltering a melting pot for creativity with five departments in one building.

Commissioned by investment group Amerborgh, the original structure was restored while maintaining the building’s classical elements. The entrance includes a restaurant and reception that are modern interpretations of the 18th century originals. A light installation connects the two rooms to create a grand entrance.

The Concert Hall, which has featured important acoustic concerts, was finished in the original color schemes to regain its classical appearance. Adaptive wall units can be moved to create a more intimate space, or opened for better sound absorption.

Photos by Ewout Huibers.

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