An 89m2 Apartment in Vietnam for an Adventurous Couple + Their Child

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An 89m2 Apartment in Vietnam for an Adventurous Couple + Their Child

Designed for a young couple who share a love of travel, the Momo Apartment showcases their adventurous spirit across the 89-square-meter interior. Toki Home reimagined the apartment’s layout and designed the space to reflect their personality and daily living habits. Located in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam, the new apartment features a bold new color palette that suits the parents just as much as it does their two-year-old daughter, Momo.

An elongated oval shelf with various openings helps to display the homeowner’s souvenirs brought back from travels.

Along with white, mint green tones were used along with fresh pink, peach and teal for a fun, playful aesthetic. Rounded corners replace sharp edges to keep Momo safe, which were also used in other design elements creating continuity throughout.

The color palette continues into the bedrooms, including the main bedroom which features a built-in storage unit that also makes up the bed’s headboard. A peach colored vanity pops agains the mint and teal used on the built-ins and wall.

Momo’s room adds tones of yellow which pop up in details around the bedroom.

Photos by Quang Trần.

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