An Architect Thought It Was About Time to Design His Ideal Watch

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An Architect Thought It Was About Time to Design His Ideal Watch

Born from a chance meeting in Taipei with a watch factory owner, multi-hyphenate maker Christo Logan of Two Parts emerged captivated by the idea of designing a timepiece. The Good Design Award-winning, Brooklyn-based architect’s exploration would eventually lead to his own 40mm case wristwatch realized with an eye-catching asymmetrical layout and some shadowy details… aptly named the Good + Evil Omen.

Technical drawing of a D-shaped electronic wristwatch with measurements and labels, depicted in grayscale on a dark background.

“It’s what happened after I became obsessed with making my ideal watch. The goal was to arrive at a design by combining, rethinking and subverting the basic elements of a timepiece,” explains Logan about his timely creation. “I ignored the conventional assumptions about what a watch should look like and started from ‘first principles’ to see where such an exploration would lead.”

D-shaped analog wristwatch with black band set across fabric upholstery near modern lamp, abstract metallic animal head sculpture, and measuring stick

The labyrinth watch face, red centerpiece plus symbol seconds dial, and off-center strap configuration all undoubtedly invite curiosity in its minimalist expression of the hours, minutes, and seconds.

A man wearing a D-shaped wristwatch on his left wrist knits with a green yarn.

Even more subtle is the watch’s flush crown and its analog motion delivered by Swiss made Ronda quartz watch movement. An anti-reflective sapphire crystal framed by a stainless steel case affords Logan’s analog watch a set-it-and-forget-it daily wear dependability.

A modern D-shaped wristwatch with a black strap and silver case, hanging by a chain, displayed against a gray background.

The sum of all these features echo graphic elements from modern works like that of Marc Newson for Alessi during the aughts, and Roger Tallon’s asymmetrical D-shaped timepieces, a resemblance Logan says is completely by chance.

A minimalist D-shaped wristwatch with a silver case, unique concentric circle textured dial, and a black leather strap on a white background.

Two modern, minimalist D-shaped wristwatches with one black and one silver casing, each featuring a unique circular textured face and a single red watch hand.

“I was blissfully unaware of all but the most common watch precedents going into this,” says Logan. “After previewing the Omen to a watch-enthusiast friend, he introduced me to other watches with D-shaped outlines. Though slightly disappointed, I wasn’t surprised that other designers had also found such a fun and functional watch form.”

A modern D-shaped wristwatch with a black strap, resting on an ornate metallic box beside sunglasses and a yellow teapot.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Christo Logan is currently taking preorders for his Good + Evil Omen wristwatch design for $199 (33% off the regular price of $299), with plans to deliver the product of his obsession by September 2024 before eventually selling the watch directly via

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